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If you are a homeowner in Texas, you’re no doubt wondering how to lower your homeowners insurance rates. We strive to provide you with insurance companies that will not only lower your home insurance rates, but our companies will also provide you with additional coverages that are usually found on the most expensive homeowners insurance policies.

Understanding Home Insurance Can Be Difficult At Times.

Protecting your home or your property does not have to be a challenge. Gant Insurance Agency’s home insurance companies offer a wide array of policy types to suit your individual taste and needs.

Home Owners Insurance for your traditional site built homes that require protection for the entire structure, the contents inside, additional structures like sheds and even personal liability.

Condominium (Condo Owners) Insurance – Insurance for home owners that only need protection for the inside walls, fixtures, personal property, and personal liability.

Renters (Tenant) Insurance – for those who rent their home, condo, or apartment, this home insurance policy type provides protection for the tenants personal contents, and personal liability.

Landlord (Fire Dwelling) Protection – This policy is designed to cover your rental property only without covering the tenants contents.

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